Message from ASIS International Chief Executive Officer Michael J. Stack


Volunteer Leadership,

I am planning on retiring from ASIS International effective as of year-end 2015, after 22 years of service as ASIS International Chief Executive Officer, and over 49 years leading and managing not for profit organizations, and holding various professional positions in the for profit sector.

I have been thinking about this timing for over five years, and have been engaged with the ASIS International Board Management Committee for over three years in planning and crafting a solid succession plan which will culminate with the recruitment and selection of a successor to take on the role commencing in 2016.

It is my feeling that it is time for a change for myself, my family (new grandchildren), and the organization, time to modify my schedule, and look forward to tackling a different sort of motivational challenge, and spend more quality time with my family. Those of you who know me well understand that my primary interest and attention relates to my family, which as indicated above is expanding.

I have grown to know many of you directly over the years, and will miss the interactions, exchange of ideas, various personal and professional conversations, as well as other discussions about life events, relating to both personal, and professional challenges.  I feel that these have been mutually beneficial; I know they have been for me.

I look back on my tenure with ASIS proudly, given what we have collectively achieved over the years, due in no small part to your commitment, active involvement, and creative thinking.  The documented record speaks for itself.

On the 60th anniversary of ASIS International I see many real opportunities yet to be converted to the Society’s benefit domestically and globally.  I know that both the headquarters staff, and the Volunteer Leadership working together effectively will maximize those opportunities, achieving substantive additional progress toward, as the tag line goes, “Advancing Security Worldwide”.

Dave N. Tyson, CPP, ASIS International President, has commented:

“Michael is fully engaged in leading the headquarters organization and will be assisting in facilitating aspects of the transition to a new Chief Executive Officer by year’s end. An international search will be conducted to recruit for the new Chief Executive Officer. This search will be conducted by a global recruitment organization and guided by an ASIS appointed Search Committee. The Search Committee is currently appointed and completing its work to select a recruitment partner.  Further information will be provided on the ASIS International website in due course.  Any specific questions can be directed to CEO@ASISONLINE.ORG. In Michael’s term with the Society he has put his stamp on the growth and success of ASIS International, and the Society is stronger and more financially sound because of his stewardship.”


Michael J. Stack
Chief Executive Officer
ASIS International