Committee Chairs



Past Chair Advisory Committee: Walter L. Sinchak

Walter spent 3 years as the ASIS Puget Sound Chapter Chair and an additional 2 years as the Assistant Regional Vice President (AVRP) for region 1A. Walter has also held the positions of Chapter Secretary and Treasurer while actively promoting the welfare, growth, professional image and influence of ASIS both in the Puget Sound Chapter and the region as a whole.

Walter has spent the last three years as the Security Projects Manager for Expedia Corporate Security where he developed security procedures, security processes and audit requirements. Through the audit requirements he has been able obtain program efficiencies through monthly reporting and audits. Prior to Expedia Corporate Security, Walter was the Manager of Training & Development with Securitas Security Services for Microsoft Global Security.

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Physical Security Committee Chair: Mark Rindy

Mark has provided security technology sales, design, marketing and design services in the Pacific Northwest since 2006. As a senior sales professional and security system designer he has played a major role with small, medium and largee security projects for the commercial, mixed use, government, health care and education markets. Mark specializes in the latest best of breed, proven technologies specifically around enterprise access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and mobility.

Mark’s approach is to mitigate risk (whatever that risk may be) through the use of technologies, processes, and policies all designed to protect people, property, and profits. Each day brings new applications in which to apply current and future technologies and deliver value where it is needed most.

Mark is currently beginning the process of achieving his CPP with ASIS and volunteers on several boards within the community including BOMA’s community outreach with the DESC (Downtown Emergency Service Center).

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Law Enforcement Awards Gala Committee’s Chair: Jennifer Wu

Jennifer relocated to the Pacific Northwest to join G4S Secure Solutions in September 2012. As the Compliance and Development Manager at G4S, she partners with businesses and government entities to develop and implement security solutions. She sees the value in merging security expertise, technology and manpower to drive optimal results. Jennifer is an active member of ASIS and IAHSS. She also served as co-chair for 2013 Law Enforcement Awards Gala which helped raise funds for ASIS scholarships.

Born in Hong Kong, Jennifer is a fluent speaker in Chinese. She obtained a Bachelors of Science in Accounting, with focus on fraud examination and forensic accounting. She recently completed the Foster Business and Economic Development certificate program at the University of Washington. Jennifer is an advocate for organizations that promote education, fine arts and minorities. She currently resides in Seattle, WA.

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Women in Security Committee Chair: Jennifer Wu & Fallon Long

Fallon Long

Fallon is currently a security supervisor at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center. Fallon has been involved in the security profession since 2007. She has previously worked as a portfolio manager for Star Protection Agency, and is a US Army Veteran. She considers herself an innovator who is not constrained by past practices.

Fallon’s recent accomplishments include performing as an integral part of planning and management for visits by both the First Lady of China and Vice President Joe Biden to the Fred Hutch campus.

Processing a can-do attitude, she is currently working on her BA in Security Management and plans to obtain her CPP in the near future.

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Photo of Tommi Robison

Membership Committee Chair: Tommi Robison

Tommi Robison is Director Strategic Development at Aronson Security Group (ASG) an Information Management Technology Company focused on Risk, Resilence and Physical Security solutions.
By creating a Global Security Network of partners, ASG provides end-to-end Security Value Stream Services that drive value and mitigate risk through technology solutions and professional services. Building on a strong reputation for service for 50 years, ASG provides engineering excellence, world class service, and security expertise to premier regional, national and global organizations.

Tommi is a business owner and leader of teams dedicated to helping clients identify and achieve their immediate and long term goals. Tommi is a recent appointee as the Membership Chair for Puget Sound.

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Seminar & Exhibits Committee Chair: Blake Albertsen

Over the past 9 years Blake has been involved in the security industry. Right out of college Blake decided to branch away from his family’s business of real estate development and real estate sales. Blake wanted to use his technical back ground to help businesses secure their assets and their employees. Blake has always been in the regional sales role which he enjoys. Has helped the companies he has worked for grow their business in excess of 166% of their yearly target for his region. Blake has all the respect in the world for everyone he works with. He enjoys, every day, as he says every day is a new day and full of adventure.

Blake studied at Washington State University and also Central Washington University. Primarily in Criminal Justice and Business Marketing. Blake, also enjoys spending time on the yearly ASIS Puget Sound Expo. This past year Blake was Co-Chair, in 2014 Blake is the Chair for this event.

If you are looking to be a part of this exciting event and helping out it’s a really fun experience.

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Mentorship Committee Chair: Vicki Leighton & David Valadez 

Vickie Leighton

Vickie, a native of Washington, currently works for the Corporate Vice-President of Operations, and is Director of three Enterprise Programs for Avanade: Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, and Avanade Asset Protection. She is also a member of the Enterprise Information Security Forum. Ms. Leighton has been involved firsthand with many disasters over the years, and has consulted with organizations and trained hundreds of personnel in business continuity, crisis management, and emergency operations in the public and private sectors globally. She has participated as speaker in conferences and higher education such as the University of Washington. She has written various types of assessments, analyses, and plans for government and industry and also has participated in and written emergency and disaster plans for tabletop, functional and full-scale exercises throughout the globe.

Vicki holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Central Washington University and Medical Assistant degree from the Puget Sound Institute of Technology. She is Business Continuity Institute (BCI) certified (CBCI) with AMBCI designation. She participates in the following Associations: Washington State local chapter board Director and Delegate for RIMS 2014-15, Board Director and Vice-President of ACP Washington State local chapter 2015; member of BCI, and ASIS co-chair of the Mentorship Committee. She is also an Advisory Board Member to Homeland Security Emergency Management Center of Excellence in Washington State.

Vicki’s favorite activities include exposing local inner city children to the exciting world of mini farming with mini farm animals and horses. Exposing kids to where eggs and milk come from, watching farm animal babies born and learning how to care for them.


 DavidBox David Valadez

David Valadez has been involved in the integration side of the security industry since 1994. Initially starting out with a small family-owned company in Washington, he transitioned from residential and light commercial work to the industrial/corporate arena in 1996 after accepting a positing with the Department of Energy in Los Alamos, NM. Since 1999, David has spent most of his time in the Northwest holding General Manager and Operations Manager roles in Portland, Boise, and most recently in the Seattle area.

David is currently an Operations Manager with Convergint Technologies and has been a member of ASIS Puget Sound since 2011. His interest in the mentorship committee stems from a life-long passion for coaching youth sports. Many of the same methods for providing guidance, coaching and mentoring in athletics can be directly adapted into the business world. “ASIS is an organization full of very skilled and knowledgeable professionals, and there is something we can all learn from each other.

David enjoys spending time with his children engaged in some form of athletic competition and also traveling with his wife as often as time permits.

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Young Professionals Group Committee Chair: Chuck Applebee

Chuck has been in the Security industry going on 6 years strong. He’s been able to soak up a wealth of knowledge while working in multiple facets of the business. Four years as a Security Integrator, which included designing and implementing physical security systems to mitigate risk and provide safety. He worked as a Regional Sales Manager for a network monitoring platform that gave Security Managers an understanding of their bandwidth, storage, and other key components within their network. And now as an Account Manager for a distributor that provides the contractors with the materials needed to complete the job for the End User.

Chuck’s goal with the Young Professionals Group is to get people together to learn. This could be learning from a book, learning from a peer about best practices in his or her environment or even learning more about where you might want to take your career. Chuck was lucky enough to be brought into this industry by a friend who saw potential in him and put him in contact with the right people. The more people connect and branch out the more people will grow and share knowledge. Chuck is looking forward to helping you grow and growing with the Young Professionals of the Puget Sound area.

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Newsletter Committee Chair: J.T. Stachler

JT Stachler has over 17 years of combined law enforcement and security management experience. JT has worked in Cleveland, Portland, Springfield, OR, San Jose, Indianapolis and Seattle. He has managed locally, regionally, nationally and globally and has been involved with investigations, surveillance, access control, business continuity/disaster recovery and safety. JT was most recently the Security Operations Manager for EMP Museum in Seattle and is now the Safety and Security Manager for zulily, also in Seattle.

JT has held many volunteer positions with ASIS International and regularly volunteers as a security consultant with non-profit organizations. He is also actively involved in mentoring other security practitioners in their attempts to move to higher professional levels. He earned his Certified Protection Professional from ASIS International in 2002 and recently taught one of the Puget Sound ASIS chapter’s CPP preparation modules.

JT has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, and uses the skills he acquired to present himself as a business person who understands security instead of a security practitioner who understands security.

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 Mr. North

Legislative Chair: Wayne North, CPP

Wayne is Director of Operations for Security Industry Specialists, Inc. providing innovative security solutions and services for people, their assets and facilities in a manner tailored to meet the individualized needs of each client. He prides himself in identifying and establishing efficient security procedures and processes that protect an organization’s people, assets and brand without sacrificing employee culture or customer service.

Wayne entered the private sector upon retirement from federal law enforcement after a successful 23-year career in which he spent significant time managing emergency response and critical infrastructure protection programs. Wayne is also retired from the United States Coast Guard Reserve, having retired as a Master Chief Maritime Enforcement Specialist specializing in maritime security and law enforcement.

Wayne is a graduate of the University of Maryland and his professional certifications include ASIS Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and ISPS Ship and Port Facility Security Officer.

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IT Committee Chair: Todd Weed

Todd currently leads the security program at Lockheed Martin, Bothell, WA, as Information Systems Security Manager and Facility Security Officer. He is an active member of the corporate security audit team and serves on several corporate-wide working groups that enable security innovation.

Todd began his career in the security industry in 1998 with the United States Air Force, serving at numerous locations within the States and overseas. Following his tenure with the Air Force, he joined with the Australian Defense Material Organization, a Boeing Company customer, to manage the international security program for the 737 AEW&C acquisition. In 2010, Todd accepted a position with the Defense Security Service (DSS), a Department of Defense organization. He received Special Agent credentials following graduation from the DSS Academy and then went on to serve over 100 companies in the Pacific Northwest, facilitating the compliance process under the National Industrial Security Program.

Todd is passionate about security and technology innovation in the Pacific Northwest. As an independent consultant, he offers security education and technical security compliance services to small defense contractors in the Puget Sound. Additionally, he sits on corporate advisory boards for numerous research and development startups. These opportunities help small businesses meet the growing security threat by enabling the cost-effective integration of security practices.

With a strong sense of community participation, Todd serves as the Chairman of the Mentoring Program Committee with Chapter 19 of NCMS and is an active member of ASIS Puget Sound, Infragard, ISSA, and the CISO Executive Network.

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Meetup Committee Chair: John McNett

John has been in the security industry for over 30 years and joined the ASIS International organization in in 2002 and has been a member ever since. He currently working at TelData Systems, were in 2001 started their security division. His currently in the role of Integrated Security System Consultant. Early in his career he supported logistics and operations for the Pacific Northwest and then move forward to support the Western United States. He was promoted to management to support service and operations until 1999, when he transferred into security design and consulting sales.

For the last 15 years has been security he sales consultant, he watching for the newest and best technologies that will protect the people and assets of organizations. He is designed systems for financial institutions, transportation, education, retail, healthcare, local, state, federal governments and manufacturing with the primary focus how do we keep people safe. He is designed access control, intrusion, CCTV, video over IP, WMD and emergency call systems. These systems have both been from a small to a large-scale and supported systems in multiple countries throughout the world.

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Golf Committee Chair: John McNett & Baron Kofoed

Baron Kofoed

In 1981, Baron graduated from the University of Washington Business School with a degree in Marketing by working his way through school as a courier, cook, a deckhand and a member of the Beach Gang for Nelbro Packing Company from 1977-1980. His experience has ranged from being a member of the Alaskan Fisherman’s Union to currently being the District Sales Manager for Bosch Intrusion, Fire, and Access Solutions Group. He has been actively involved in Security business since his 1983 and has held several different positions within the security business giving him a unique perspective of the business and the direction it is heading.

In addition to family and work, Baron enjoys an occasional round of golf. As a matter of fact, he is one of co-chairs for the Puget Sound Chapters 2015 Golf Tournament as well as the Chairman of the WAESA Golf Tournament in 2014 and 2015. These tournaments help raise money for scholarships to assist students

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