Our Mission Statement

To be the best Chapter we can be by providing Quality and professional leadership to a diverse group of security professionals:

  • Through quality and timely documentation pursuing and obtaining the IB Hale Award for Quality and being recognized as an ASIS leading Chapter.
  • Providing consistent and accurate communication between board members, committees, members, and others that are either directly or indirectly involved with our Chapter.
  • Engage and continuously reach out to members and non-members throughout the year to solicit involvement, input, and feedback in order to bring “value and quality” to the Chapter.
  • Empower the staff so coordinators, committees, chairs and the board can use their unique talents and resources to allow us to be a successful and value added chapter which exhibits Quality.
  • Create and maintain an environment where members and non-members want to be a part of our Quality program; resulting in growth, sharing, education, diversity and added value for our chapter.
  • Match member’s abilities to opportunities in advancing not only their individual goals and aspirations but also solidifying the Chapter’s unique role in moving the security profession forward.
  • Utilizing collaboration, networking and creative thinking to continue to build a Chapter where hard work and fun are viewed as the formula for leadership and success.